Best Vinyl

Presented to the best Designer Toy platform manufactured using "Western vinyl," which typically means manufactured in China. The manufacturing quality, sculpting, and innovative color variations will all be considered for this award.

Please note: This category is only open to platforms cast in "Western vinyl" (usually from China). Pieces made out of sofubi (Japanese vinyl) should be entered in the Best Sofubi category.

Locked Category

Abominable Snowcone by Jason Limon

Android Summer Edition by Andrew Bell

AX2 Limited by Alex Fang

Balloon Dog Anatomical Model by Jason Freeny

Big Uamou by Uamou Studios

Blueberry by Yury Ustsinau

BO-TQ The Rabbit Tamer by Ashley Wood and Siuyin

Daydream (Nimbus) by Paulus Hyu

Grin 8" Dunny by Ron English

Gristle by Retroband

Headspace by Luke Chueh

Ice-Cat by Joe Ledbetter

Imperial Lotus Dragon Dunny by Scott Tolleson

Inner Child by Nerviswr3k

Isobelle Pascha Herbst Grave by Ashley Wood and Siuyin

It's a F.A.D. Dunny by J*RYU

Karoshi-San by Andrew Bell

King of Mischief by JPK x Gary Ham

Meats by Retroband

Milky Bot by Crystal-Jade Vaughan

Mini Cup of Tea: Jones’s Ginger Tea by Lunartik

Mini Mockbat by Paul Kaiju

Paco Taco by Scott Tolleson

Permanent Guest by Mark Landwehr, Sven Waschk

Pumpkin Pi: Hex by Crystal Jade Vaughan

Ron English Artist Gnome by Ron English

Sawyer by Crystal-Jade Vaughan

Sextopigon by Skinner

Sketracha Dunny by Sket-One

SMD5 by Jeff Lamm

Squadt .50 by FERG

The Bison Van by Jeremy Fish

The Last Tomorrow King and The Archer by Ashley Wood

Trouble Trouble by Dabs Myla

Uh Oh by Juan Muniz

Violet Soda Lady by Junko Mizuno

Vulkira by Eric Smith

World War Robot 13th Cavalry Commander Bramble by Ashley Wood

World War Robot Dirty Deeds Bertie mk2 by Ashley Wood