Best Vinyl

Presented to the best Designer Toy platform manufactured using "Western vinyl," which typically means manufactured in China. The manufacturing quality, sculpting, and innovative color variations will all be considered for this award.

Please note: This category is only open to platforms cast in "Western vinyl" (usually from China). Pieces made out of sofubi (Japanese vinyl) should be entered in the Best Sofubi category.

Locked Category

Astro Boy by KAWS & Original Fake

Bellicose Bunny by Nathan Hamill & 3D Retro

Stealth or Vortex editions.

Chaos Bunny by Joe Ledbetter & The Loyal Subjects

Dragon Boy by Martin Hsu & VTSS Toys


Fonzo by Gary Ham & Freak Store


Monster Toytem by Gary Ham

All three versions

Pierced by Parra & Kidrobot

Squadt by Ferg / Playge

NKD Nozzel s00?, Fr0g s001 (swamp dwllr), CHIPP s004 (Fort Burnout), Gohst s003 (Playge)

Target by Luke Chueh & Munky King

Blargie blag.