Best Sofubi

Presented to the best Designer Toy manufactured platform using a sofubi (Japanese soft vinyl) style of production. This category celebrates the manner in which Japanese production techniques, factories, and design styles have become a mainstay for the Designer Toy market. The manufacturing quality, sculpting, and innovative color variations will all be considered for this award.

Please note: This category is only open to platforms cast in sofubi. Pieces made out of "Western vinyl" (usually from China) should be entered in the Best Vinyl Design category.

Locked Category

Bag-Head by Brandt Peters & Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

Biter Fish by Paulkaiju

Cestoda by Miscreation Toys x Toy Art Gallery

Curio by InstincToy

Goboking by Paulkaiju

Iron Meat by RESTORE

King Devil by CURE

Owlclam by Nathan Jurevicius

Woebegone Mamilla by Psycho Scimitar