Break-through Artist

Presented in recognition of an artist who gained significant industry-wide notice last year. While they could be relatively new to the scene or a professional who struggled for years, their dedication to Designer Toys and making a place for themselves within the community is honored with this award. Not only should they have had a variety of outstanding releases last year, but also an increased fan base and overall visibility.

Locked Category

2petalrose by 2petalrose

Dolly Oblong by Dolly Oblong

Flawtoys by Flawtoys aka Sander Dinkgreve

Horrible Adorables by Jordan Elise Perme and Christopher Lees

Jenn and Tony Bot by Jenn and Tony Bot

Josh Mayhem by Josh Mayhem

Quiccs by Quiccs

RxSeven by RxSeven

Seulgie by Seulgie