Best Mini Series

Whether a production platform or customized toy series, this category acknowledges excellence in 2" to 5" mini figures that have been produced in multiple quantities. Aspects considered in judging include quality of manufacturing, design, packaging, and even innovative use of the smaller size.

Locked Category

Are you Fucking Zombie?!? by RESTORE

Blown Away Series 2 - Clutter Pink Colorway by Josh Mayhem

Blown Away Series 3 by Josh Mayhem

Copper Creeps by Doktor A.

DMX 3 / Hecho en Mexico Dunny series by Avatar666, Dr befa, Chauskoskis, Cucaracha Borracha, Frank Mysterio,Lupilu,Manhenta, Matucha, Mr Mitote, Shiffa, Yoste Kmkz and Zhow dsr

Ferals by Amanda Visell

Figgle Bits by Chris Ryniak

Fonzo & Friends by FonzoWorld & Patrick Wong

Freaky Monster Village series by Rockin’ Jelly Beans & Blackdotsjp

Hold Your Breath custom Dunny Series by The Bots x Broke Piggy w Scott Tolleson, Leecifer, Bjornik, DrilOne...

KID ASTRO V.01 by JeAA X Quiccs

Legends of Cthulhu by Warpo - Bryan Katzel, Tommy Baldwin & Eric LeFeber

Lo-Tech Constructs by Scott Tolleson, MAD, Leecifer

Nerfect Pug-Pack / Series 3 by Britton Walters

OMFG series 4 by George Gaspar

Robots by Marko Markowicz

Space Madness by Junk Fed

The 13 Dunny Series by Brandt Peters

The Four Horsies of the Pocalypse! by Klim Kozinevich

The Fumetsu by Cop A Squat Toys

Thimblestump Hollow by Amanda Louise Spayd / Chris Ryniak

Vinyl Artist Gacha Series 5 by Various Artists