Best Resin

Presented to the best Designer Toy platform cast in resin, this category considers the quality of the finished piece, the sculpted design, and innovative use of color dies and paints.

Locked Category

Bad Apple by GOIN & Mighty Jaxx

Version pictured is only eligible one.

Groper by Triplikid

Various editions.

Lucius and His First Mustache Finger by Tara McPherson & Vinyl on Vinyl


Mini MAD*L by MAD

All editions.

Sapling by J★RYU

Most editions.

Spacesuit Panda by Cacooca


Swanicorn by Daniel Fleres & Dragatomi

So many editions that it would break the system to list them all! ;)

Tuttz by Argonaut Resin

Various editions

Yume by Plastikmat