Best Collaboration

Acknowledging an excellent and innovative collaboration between two or more artists, the final result of this joint venture should be something that neither collaborator would have been capable of achieving alone, indicating the necessity of working together.

Locked Category

Bearycalm by Bubi Au Yeung & Camilo Bejarano

White, Mint Green & Black colors.

Infected by Scott Wilkowski & Sucklord


Infected Misfortune Cat by Scott Wilkowski & Ferg

Podgonaut by Podgy Panda & Cris Rose

all editions

Real Uamou by Uamou & RealxHead


Skullendario Azteca by Huck Gee & The Beast Brothers

Ivory Warrior, Royal Guard, Lord Magma, and Crystal versions.

Tolly by Scott Tolleson & A Little Stranger


TroubleBoys by Brandt Peters & Ferg / Playge

No.7 [The Drifter]

Young Gohst by Ferg & Grody Shogun

SDCC White Version