DTA Regulations


The Designer Toy Awards are open to all organizations and individuals involved in the designing, manufacturing, marketing, managing, commenting on and promoting the Designer Toy and Art Toy fields. Entries must have been either released and available in-hand, in the case of products (pre-orders do not count - shipping date would be considered the release date), or have shown use or activity, in the case of websites and artists, during the previous calendar year. Entries that have won awards in past DTAs and meet any requirements are eligible for the current competition.


Entries determined to ineligible may be disqualified at any phase of the competition without notification.


Anyone can freely enter an individual or organization which meets the eligibility requirements in any category, save those that are either specially awarded (such as Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement) or have the finalists strictly based on nominations from other categories (such as Toy of the Year). Duplicate entries will be disregarded without notification. The Designer Toy Awards will review all entries for proper eligibility, taking into consideration the release date or activity, the requirements to the submitted category, and any special considerations as specified in the category description(s).

Selection of Finalists

Toy of the Year: All finalists will be selected from nominees within the following categories: Best Media Tie-In, Best Mini-Series, Best Plush & Other Non-Plastic, Best Resin, Best Sofubi, and Best Vinyl. The voting taken into consideration will be by the Nomination Committee, as detailed below.

All other categories: The finalists will be selected in each category by a Nomination Committee from the entries nominated for consideration. The Designer Toy Awards shall convene a Nominations Committee comprised of industry members vetted by the Clutter Media Group. The Finalist Committee shall be organized in a manner to reduce any conflicts of interest or potential partialities. The Nomination Committee shall review all eligible entries and vote to select the finalists in each category.

Selection of Winners

Artist of the Year: Fan Choice, Best Blog, Best Toy Store, Best Online Toy Store, Custom of the Year: Fan Choice, and Toy of the Year: Fan Choice: The winner selected in these categories are determined by majority public voting.

Lifetime Achievement and Hall of Fame: These categories have no finalists and the winner will then be selected in a non-public vote without disclosing the short listed names.

All remaining categories: The ultimate winner in these categories will be determined by DTA Judging Panel.

Winners and Ceremony

DTA Winners are honored at an awards ceremony held in during Five Points Festival . While this New York City-based event, is not mandatory for finalists to attend to receive their award.


All information submitted through the DTA's is subject to our privacy policy and will not be rented or sold to any other parties.